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New kitchen Long Eaton Nottingham

Step-by-Step Guide to Planning Your New Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is often the most expensive room to renovate, closely followed by the bathroom. If you are planning to project manage the new kitchen yourself, this guide will help you plan and organise various steps and tradespeople.

Every kitchen renovation is going to be different depending on the works required. You may be simply replacing old with new, or completely changing the layout of the house. Therefore, it’s difficult to provide a one size fits all approach to a kitchen renovation, but there are some basic steps to help you on the way. The goal is to streamline the kitchen project as much as possible. Tradespeople are expensive so you want to avoid unnecessary revisits and complete the kitchen renovation in the shortest time possible.

Kitchen design and layout

The first step is to get a well thought out kitchen plan and layout. (Click here for kitchen layout advice) Once you have a clear documented plan and design it’s time to start planning the practical work.

Isolating the gas, electric and water

Before you start ripping the old kitchen units out, you need to consider the electrical, gas and water services.  You will need to organise a plumber and electrician to disconnect and isolate any services that might get damaged when ripping out the old kitchen.

Kitchen rip-out

Now you can get busy with the sledgehammer and dispose of any unwanted items in a skip. Old appliances, kitchen units and tiles all want to go. Your goal is to be left with a blank canvas ready for the new works. 

Walls and structure

If you are changing the layout of your kitchen you may need to add or remove walls. Depending on the construction method you will need to organise a bricklayer or joiner to complete any structural or partition walls. Always seek professional advice when altering any structural elements of a house.

New kitchen fit out Long Eaton, Nottingham

Electrical and plumbing first -fix

Once you have ripped the old kitchen out, it’s time to get the plumber and electrician back in. This stage requires a lot of careful consideration. You need to make sure your kitchen plan clearly shows all the positions of your electrical, gas and water services. The plumber and electrician will use this plan to run their pipes and wires for your kitchen appliances, sockets and lighting.

Plumbing, pipes for new kitchen Long Eaton, Nottingham

Plastering and repair work

Once you have doubled checked the position of your electrical and plumbing points, you can organise a plasterer. Your plasterer will board and skim any new walls and repair any damage caused during the preparation stages. Your aim is to have the room in great shape ready for the kitchen fitting and painting.


It’s a good idea to paint the walls and ceiling before you fit the kitchen. This way you avoid having to cut-in around the kitchen units and avoid paint splatter on your new kitchen. Once the kitchen has been fitted, touch-ups to the paintwork can be done if needed.

New kitchen being painted in Long Eaton, Nottingham


You may be wondering, which goes first, the floors or the kitchen cabinets? In short, there is no fixed answer and you should seek advice from your flooring contractor and kitchen fitter.

Generally, you will have a more complete floor and smooth transition between your cabinets and floor if you install the flooring first. Just make sure to protect the new floor with a covering while the kitchen units are being fitted. However, If you install your cabinets prior to the flooring, you will use slightly less flooring materials and potentially reduce the cost of the flooring project.

Timber floor being fitted in a new kitchen in Long Eaton, Nottingham

Kitchen Fitting

Your freshly painted kitchen is now ready to be fitted out.  Your kitchen units will either come as flat-pack or fully assembled. Budget kitchens often come as flat-pack, which means you have to construct the units yourself.  Fully assembled kitchen units have the advantage of being constructed in the factory. This ensures for clean precise assembly which is often difficult when assembling flat-pack units on site.

If you are installing a budget kitchen you could consider going down the DIY route or using a handyman. However, if you want a high-quality kitchen, a professional kitchen fitter is a must.  Kitchen fitting is a trade in its own right. Although the basics of kitchen fitting may appear simple, the devil is in the detail. There is a big difference between swapping a few units and renovating a large kitchen.

Kitchen fitter, fitting cabinet in Long Eaton


Once the kitchen cabinets have been installed to your layout it’s time to fit the worktops.  Cutting and joining kitchen worktops requires specialist skills and therefore you should hire a kitchen fitter with experience in your chosen material. The cutouts for the sink and appliances are either done on-site or at the factory before delivery.


If you are using a material to match your kitchen worktops, your kitchen fitter will be able to install the upstands for you. However, if you have decided to tile the kitchen you will need to organise a tiler.


It’s time to install the appliances and sinks. Your kitchen fitter should have prepared all the cabinets and worktops ready for the plumber and electrician.

Electrical and plumbing 2nd fix

You’re on the home stretch now. The plumber and electrician pay one more visit to connect the appliances, sockets and lighting. Make sure the plumber and electrician provide you with installation and safety certificates for the gas and electrical works.

Once you’ve done those final paint touch-ups, you’re ready to crack the cork on the champagne and celebrate.

Here at Ellmea, we have knowledge and experience to help you create your dream home. We deliver a one-stop solution for new kitchens and home renovation, ensuring you will receive a fully comprehensive service tailored to your personal requirements and budget.

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