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kitchen supplier Long Eaton Nottingham - modern kitchen pale colour pallet with timber shelf's

Choosing Your Kitchen Supplier

When purchasing products or services we often determine the value by the quality and price. Highly priced products are expected to be reliable, durable and even luxurious.  Cheaper items are cheap for a reason; there could be a sacrifice on quality or production methods. Whatever the reason may be, the costs have been cut somewhere.  A good purchase offers value for money; you want to be purchasing a high-quality product at the right price. You don’t want to overspend on unnecessary luxury or underspend on poor quality that won’t last.

It makes sense then, to consider what value you are getting when comparing kitchen quotes. While completing a kitchen renovation under budget is an attractive idea, you need to consider the life of your kitchen. Think about how your daily cooking and family life will impact upon the kitchens longevity. The last thing you want is to be looking for another new kitchen a few years down the line.

When comparing quotes you need to be comparing apples with apples. Kitchen cabinets often look very similar at first glance but the materials and production methods can be very different. To be able to judge between the kitchen quotes you need to have a good idea of what you are buying. Ask your kitchen supplier or kitchen fitter about the processes and materials used to produce your kitchen components. The materials and finishes used to produce your kitchen cabinets, doors and worktops can affect the price dramatically. You can often tell a lot about the quality of a kitchen cabinet by looking inside.  Consider the internal finish of your kitchen cabinets and compare them with the other products on offer.

Some kitchen outlets sell flat pack kitchens which appear to be well priced. Just be sure when purchasing flat pack kitchens, to factor in the labour and time costs to put them all together. Pre-assembled kitchen cabinets offer a better quality finish. They are assembled in a factory by professionals using specialist equipment.

Once you have an understanding of your desired quality of kitchen, it’s a good idea to get some more quotes. Three separate kitchen quotes will give you a good idea of cost. If all the quotes are similar, you know you are in the right ballpark. If a quote is particularly cheap you need to investigate why? Are you getting a good deal or has the kitchen supplier cut corners by using lesser quality materials or brands of products. Always check the itemised list of components, often an expensive kitchen appliance or feature item can throw the total price. It might be the case that the company has offered you a better quality kitchen but quoted on a more expensive brand of appliances. By changing the appliances to match the other quote you might find you save money overall.

Remember that the cost of your new kitchen will largely depend on your style and taste. It is important to use a consistent design brief to find a contractor that offers the best value for money and service.

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